Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rain Rain Rain

I am heading for sunnier climes later today. June has been bad in Scotland and it looks like more rain is on the way. Outside the clouds lie thick and low. Blogging might be sporadic over the next couple of weeks, but I'll try and blog a little once I work out where to do it.

Books I'll have with me:

The Best Man There Ever Was - Annie Freud
The Long and the Short of it - Roy Fisher
The Truth of Poetry - Michael Hamburger

Incidentally, I've just received the nicest rejection slip ever this morning. It reads - "I want to express my regrets that, due to limited space, we aren't able to accept your work for this issue. It wasn't easy making the final decisions. There were literally thousands of poems. And I want to inform you that you were among the top percent. Your poem 'walking out' was in the top 20. If only I could've taken a couple more!"

Just missed out. This keeps happening.


Julie Carter said...

I should be saying, "Send some of that rain over here" since we're borderline drought conditions.

But it would take a really big envelope.

Anonymous said...

'The Truth of Poetry' is a fantastic book ... Gerry Cambridge recommended it to me a couple of years ago ... enjoy.


Unknown said...

Don't talk to me about rain, Rob! We're experiencin the usual Irish summer here. Hope you have a good trip and relax and enjoy what you brought to read! See you on the upside :)