Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Arrival And A Few Photos

I just got a text from Andrew Philip saying that his book, The Ambulance Box, has arrived and is also now available from Salt. Andy and I plan to meet for a quick lunch today. We also plan to exchange books. I've seen his collection at the ms stage and it will be great to read the final version. Apparently, there's a terrific shade of dark green in the endpapers.

On Andrew Shields’s blog, you can look at photos from Sunday evening’s reading, which was a blast. The snow afterwards was the cherry on the cake of a really good reading. We're back at the Great Grog Bar next month (Sunday March 8th) with Colin Donati, Alexander Hutchison, Paula Jennings and Maureen Sangster - more details, bios and poems to follow soon.


Matt Merritt said...

Definitely send a review copy to Poetry Daily, both of you. I got a surprising amount of interest from that.

BarbaraS said...

Go on yis good things! Look forward to hearing about the launch(es)