Saturday, February 21, 2009

An Email I Received Today

Greetings the Friend!!!

I liked your structure on one of places for acquaintances, and I have made a decision to write to yours. Wash name Alina. In me 28 years. I wish to speak at once to you, that I search for serious communications. I wish to find the one who wished to experience a long and happy life. I very cheerful and at me am a good comic genre. I wish to find much unique love and the true partner in life. I wait that you will answer me,

I ask you to write only to this direction - (email address)

I am applied my photo and with pleasure I shall answer you if you will write to me. I shall wait your answer with impatience and I wait that you to not neglect my letter. It is thankful in advance, Alina.

(photo of young, fake-tanned bottle blonde)


So, dear reader, what is your "wash name"? And are you a "good comic genre"? I better not ask your opinions of my "structure"...


Colin Will said...

Oh dear, I thought she was writing to me alone. Another illusion shattered.

Liz said... least she doesn't need your bank account number to help her get at her millions-in-waiting, like the Prince of the same ilk who corresponds with me. ; )

deemikay said...

Sometimes with e-mails like this I write a reply that translate it into Russian with Google Translate and then send it.

Well, it amuses me. :)

Anonymous said...


Stay away from my woman.


Rob said...

sefton, I can't help it if she's more into me than you. That's just the way it is. I'm none too pleased she's been writing to Colin behind my back though.

I received another email today, from a different woman, Irina:

"Hi. How are you?
My name is Irina.
To me 28 years old. I get your E-mail at Soul Mate service - agency of the international acquaintances in my city. At Soul Mate service to me has told that you looking for women for serious relationships as me. I have interest in acquaintance with you and having correspondence to found each other better. I hope you still in search of serious
relationships with women and will answer to me.

Now some words about mine search.... I looking for serious
relationships here. I want to find my man for making strong and happy
family in the future. " in the future " because it long way for it. We should comunicate much and long time what to come to it. Not so?

I know that this it is difficult to find future love by so way, but I have no result in other ways and to decide to try this. I hope that
you will also interested in me and will answer me back. I very much
would want that you write to me more about yourself and city where
you live and sent me photos, I also shall send you mine photos and
will tell more about myself if you will answer. I aplied my photo, so
you can see what I look.

Please reply ONLY to my personal e-mail: (email address)

Wait for your answer very much....
May be your new friend Irina

(photo of busty blonde wearing a black slip. She's in a room with yellow walls and a orange skylight, which makes her look really jaundiced)

deemikay said...

Here's what you should reply:

"Дорогая Ирина, ваш английский не очень хорошо.
С уважением, Роб"

(Which, backtranslating in Google Translate is surprisingly accurate...)

I've also noticed that my original comment was in a similar style to Irina's English. I must take remedial grammar classes immediately...

Frances said...

Hello Soul Mate - I am looking for cabbages to be the opposite of.