Monday, February 16, 2009

This Collection, Sarah Jackson, And More

A while back, I submitted a poem to this collection. No, nothing to do with that collection. this collection brings together 100 unpublished poems about Edinburgh, each of around 100 words. Each poem will be paired with a local film-maker and will made into a short film.

The top 100 poems are now up at the site (actually, they are still uploading poems, but a fair number of the 100 are now up), including my entry, Corstorphine, Midnight. There are poems from Roddy Lumsden, Ron Butlin, Andrew Philip, and many others. I am intrigued, more than intrigued in fact, to see what the film-makers do with them.

Over on the Magma blog, I’ve just posted a short interview with Sarah Jackson, who was featured poet in Magma, issue 42. I enjoyed her poems in the issue and I hope you enjoy the interview.

I have hardly submitted any poems in the last few months, but I did send one to Jane Holland’s Raw Light blog, as part of her ‘season of other poets.’ My poem, Fallen Villages of the North, is now up. It’s in that collection and was fun to write. You can also read a new poem, No Strings, by Katy Evans-Bush there. The poets still to come are a secret for the moment.

I've submitted a few poems to a magazine – new poems – the first I’ve sent out that have been written since I completed ‘The Opposite of Cabbage’ (other than the Corstorphine, Midnight poem above). I have another three or four that are ready for submission, but can’t decide where to send them…

I’m told that the back of this week’s London Review of Books carries a full page advert for several Salt publications, including my book and Andy Philip’s. I haven’t seen this yet and will no doubt have to make a trip to the city centre to find a copy.


Jane Holland said...

Good to have your poem up on Raw Light, Rob. It adds a really interesting dimension to have other people's work there for a change - and also saves me having to think up something intelligent and creative to blog about this week!

The other poets to be featured in my Short Season of Other Poets are a secret largely for the fun factor, but also because I'd like to be able to pick a few more poets to feature at the last minute and don't want a definitive list out there, making that kind of flexibility a problem.

Keeps you all on your toes, anyway!

Frances said...

I've read Corstophine - I love the title. It conjurs some pretty powerful urban images there. Do I detect a bit of old TSE influence in the first stanza?

Frances said...

Sorry conjours, not conjurs - its a typo, honest!