Monday, December 18, 2006

Become a Supporter...

…of HappenStance.

For only £5 per year, you help to support one of the most enterprising poetry chapbook publishers in the UK, and you also get:

advance notice of each new publication, by post or by email with at least one sample extract

warm and appreciative invitations to launches

15 percent off the cover price of each publication

the chance to order a pre-signed copy of new publications

a chapter of The HappenStance Story each year (very entertaining publication)

one free copy per year of a HappenStance publication

courteous and helpful feedback on your own work, if submitted, though chances of publication remain exactly the same as everybody else’s.

If you’re in the UK, send a cheque for £5 to the address here, detailing your name, email address and postal address, and the chapbook you would like a free copy of (there’s a list of publications at the site).

If you’re outside the UK, and can’t pay in pounds sterling, it’s probably best to email Helena Nelson and make an enquiry at the email address here.

What better way could you spend a fiver?

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