Saturday, December 16, 2006

X-Factor Final: Half-Time Report

Well, Ray and Leona have sung their allocated three songs. The view of the judges is that Ray = entertainer and Leona = voice + big-selling album, so although they seem to be sitting on the fence, there's no doubt who they want to win the £1m album contract.

On the night Ray entertained well. He has a great career ahead of him on the stage, on variety shows, maybe on TV. But if he makes an album, who is going to buy it? Leona sang a nervous Whitney to start off with, a few uncharacteristic dodgy notes that the judges generously overlooked. Then she sang two ballads perfectly. I think Simon has made a mistake in not giving her an up-tempo soul number tonight.

My prediction - I think Ray will win, even though Leona is much better. Results are due in just over an hour's time.

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