Friday, December 15, 2006

Carmen Consoli

When I lived in Turin, I couldn’t find anyone who liked Carmen Consolì, from Sicily, even though she is one of Italy’s most popular recording artists. People I knew commented on her “nasal voice” and screwed up their faces. I liked her a lot. She combines intelligent lyrics with strong melodies and she is much less bland than most Italian rock singers.

Shades of Natalie Merchant and 10,000 Maniacs, but no one’s totally original.
Three song videos:

Amore di Plastica

Contessa Miseria

Parole di Burro


Anonymous said...

i love carmen consoli! i saw her a couple of times at concert in switzerland
btw if you wantt to discover something new check out voie sensible at
Available at iTunes

apprentice said...

She's lovely, like her hair cut, and her voice is very seductive.
BTW you can embed the clips by cutting and pasting the url in the embed box on the right.

I'll ask Alan Gay about the Pen chapbook as he's involved with them.

I agree about Morgan, I thought his poem for the opening of the Parliament was stunning, though the Parliament has yet to live up to it. And I agree that having a vast amount of work behind you tends to give you more gravitas.
I hope some of our women will be seen as big hitters in years to come. I think Liz Lochead, Janice Galloway, and Jacky Kay all have a great quality about them, a way of saying something in a light, accessible, very Scottish way, that often very textured and deep.

SarahJane said...

wow. thanks. calling the husband down to watch...

Rob said...

Yes, she is one of the many things worth missing about being in Italy. Glad you enjoyed her stuff.