Saturday, May 24, 2008

Eurovision 2008 Prediction Time

It's that dead time when all the songs have been performed and the votes haven't yet been cast.

The worst song came from the furry-winged angels of Azerbaijan. Shockingly bad song, awful performance and dreadful choreography. It couldn't have got any worse.

Actually, Croatia, Poland, Spain (had to be a joke!) and the weird pirates (can't remember where they were from) were also appalling, and I'm sure that something went badly wrong with the harmonies ('what harmonies?' you might well ask) of the German vocalists.

So who will win? Given the political element in the voting, the winner will probably be from the Balkan region. I think the tedious, forgettable song from Serbia might do it for the second year running.

My personal favourites were France (eccentric but genuinely clever songwriting) and Bosnia-Herzegovina (although it's a Balkan region, the performance was so bizarre that it has little chance, I think, but I liked it).

If I had to bet on a winner from outside the Balkans, I'd go for Norway. I suppose the Scandinavian bloc will help there, but it also helps to have a catchy song and Norway were one of the few countries who did.

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