Saturday, May 24, 2008

Eurovision 2008

The final of the Eurovision Song Contest takes place tonight in Serbia. Entries are sung from representatives of countries throughout Europe and then each country has to vote for heir favourites.

Who will win? Will the Scandinavian countries vote for one another? Will the eastern European countries try their best to leave their western counterparts with as close to nul points as possible? Will the UK score any points? Which nation will turn out the campest performance? Who will take it most seriously and who will be most obviously in it only for laughs?

I’ll be glued to my TV set tonight. And just to get you in the mood, here's Bosnia-Herzegovina's bizarre entry, by Laka. That one definitely has my vote, from what I've seen so far:

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Rob said...

Hmmmm. Just saw the French entry - the best song by miles. It should win, but it won't.

Some real duffers - the worst so far (with 3 or 4 to go) was Azerbaijan, which featured angels with fluffy wings and a guy with a window-shattering voice. One of the worst in the history of Eurovision, I'd venture.

Terry Wogan thought the Uk's entry was our best for years - I thought it was entirely forgettable.