Friday, May 23, 2008

The Steamie

My wife, Anne, is involved in a performance of Tony Roper’s famous Glasgow social comedy, The Steamie, at Edinburgh’s Churchill Theatre. Anne isn’t acting in this, but she is the musical director. Yesterday, there was an excellent 4-star review in the Edinburgh Evening News. A quick excerpt:

“The result is a cast who work together to create ensemble theatre of a quality that would make a professional company proud. Far and away the most entertaining thing on an Edinburgh stage this week.”

Tomorrow evening (Saturday) is the final night and ticket orders are flooding in following the review. If you’re near Edinburgh, check it out. I saw it yesterday and the review is spot on.

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Cailleach said...

I hope that it went swimmingly for them all, and Anne. That's a great review to get and must have really given everyone in the play a real thrill :)