Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rangers or Celtic?

After the excitement of the Champions League final yesterday (which I missed, due to a meeting I had to attend), it’s time to turn to the question of who will win the Scottish Premier League?. The answer is: Rangers or Celtic. That’s hardly an unusual occurrence, but the title being decided on the last day of the season gives added excitement.

Both teams play away from home tonight, locked on the same number of points. Celtic meet Dundee United, Rangers meet Aberdeen. Celtic have the better goal difference and a win will almost certainly give them the title. They also have slightly the easier fixture, but any slip-up could see the title going to their Glasgow rivals. Dundee United won’t be a pushover.

In a few hours, one third of Scotland will be celebrating all night, one third will lock themselves in their bedrooms for a week and one third won’t care either way.

For the last third, here’s Glasgow’s finest – The Blue Nile.


Cailleach said...

Oh you've a wicked sense of humour...

Anonymous said...

The hoops have it, but I'll take the Blue Nile any day.

Seeing them twice at the Concert Hall in July ... one gig is never enough.


Rob said...

I saw them a while back and they were terrific. I'd take them over football too, although I do like football.

I heard that Tom Waits is doing his only UK dates in Edinburgh - 27 and 28 July and that tickets go on sale at 10am on Tuesday. However, I also heard a rumour that the tickets will cost £90 and £75. Surely that's impossible?! I'd love to see him but not at these prices.