Saturday, May 24, 2008

Eurovision 2008 - The Result

Well, as Terry Wogan pointed out after the votes had been announced, “This is no longer a song contest.” The voting is so blatantly political. There’s not even an attempt to hide it any more.

Eurovision was won by an insipid Russian song – it got votes from the Balkan countries, the eastern Baltic states, and some of the eastern European regions, all of whom depend on Russia – “That’s right! Keep the oil flowing through the winter,” said Terry. But it was a crap song.

The UK came last!

I think the western European nations should pull their funding from the competition. It’s been fun, while the fun lasted, but the fun is now over.


Harry said...

It may have been a crap song - don't know, didn't see it - but Dima Bilan is, I believe, a reasonably big star in Russia and Eastern Europe. So it may not be an essentially political decision.

Perhaps if we occasionally fielded established recording artists with a pre-existing fanbase and a proven ability to actually sell records, we might be less likely to come last.

Cailleach said...

Heh. To the whole Eurovision thing.

At least you guys had a song. We had a turkey. In both senses.