Friday, May 30, 2008

Weather Report

Earlier this morning when I looked outside about 9am, BBC Weather was predicting a sunny day in Edinburgh with light cloud. Well, it’s raining buckets and there’s no blue sky to be seen beneath a thick cloud blanket.

I checked just now and the symbol has changed to thick cloud without sun, but still no hint of rain, even though it’s been raining heavily off and on all day.

Tomorrow, the prediction is for sun and 20 degrees centigrade. Better pack your umbrellas, scarves and fleeces!


Matt Merritt said...

Much as I love the BBC, I've come to the conclusion that their weather forecasting, especially the online version, is randomly generated. They were showing sun and no rain or clouds for us most of yesterday, and it drizzled steadily throughout.
Although I've often thought that "coolish, with rain likely" is a pretty much failsafe forecast for most parts of Britain.

Anonymous said...

Try this instead, and enter yr. postcode:

I agree, the BBC weather is crap.


May said...

The same is true in this part of (southern) Europe. The weather forecast is always wrong.