Monday, May 12, 2008

Great Grog Report

I really enjoyed my self at the Great Grog readings last night. I’d met up with Barbara Smith earlier. My daughter and I showed Barbara around Edinburgh’s city centre, which therefore involved a playpark and an ice-cream cone before we could walk anywhere else. Nice to meet up with Barbara after those couple of years on the Internet.

All four readers – Barbara Smith, Claire Askew, Sally Evans and Alan Gillis – were terrific. I thought beforehand that they would read well, but they surpassed my expectations. Fantastic stuff! Some of the readers and audience migrated afterwards to The Standing Order in George Street until around 1.30am. It was about 2.30 before I got to bed and had an early start this morning…

Apprentice has blogged about the evening. Good to hear people enjoyed it.
Sally Evans reports on it as well.
And here’s Barbara Smith’s take on things.

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