Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Poetry Pamphlet Party and Fair 2007

This is where I’ll be tomorrow early evening.

Christmas Poetry Pamphlet Party and Fair
Wednesday 12th December 2007 - 6 to 8.30pm

Phase 2 Lecture Room, Causewayside Building,
33 Salisbury Place, Edinburgh

Free entry: wine, mince pies, readings,
poetry pamphlets and cards to buy.

Poets and publishers display and read samples of their work. Plenty of opportunity for browsing, chatting and buying pamphlets…


Hedgie said...

Sounds like fun. Hope it went well.

Rob said...

It was fun. I've now reported above. I really ought to get something new out. One conversation last night went:

A: So do you have a new chapbook out?
Me: No just the same one I had out two years' ago
A: Oh...

On the other hand, one of my complaints is that I think people tend to publish too often, so being slow about it is at least consistent.

Rachel Fox said...

You're right - some people do publish too often. Now everyone in the world is a writer it has got completely out of control too! Or does it just feel that everyone in the world is a writer? I wish I could do something else but it always comes back to this...partly incompetence in other areas, partly obsession and no doubt partly too much self-belief (too make up for the lack of it elsewhere!).
Taking your time and getting the right next publication is exactly what you should be doing. Bashing out another one to have something to sell is the Jeffrey Archer route... and look what happened to him.

Rob said...

Rachel, that's right. I know that, even over the last few months, I've strengthened my MS considerably.

I don't really need anything else to sell just at the moment, as The Clown is still selling. I think it will definitely sell out in 2008.

I suppose my impatient side feels that I have lots of poems I'd like to get out there as part of a collection, but it's important to make the whole package as strong as possible.