Saturday, December 15, 2007

The X Factor Final 2007 - Part 1

The X Factor Final will begin in approximately five minutes. But who will win? Perhaps the answer is in the songs:


White Christmas
Better the Devil You Know (duet with Kylie Minogue)
You Don’t Know Me

That duet with Kylie is a masterstroke. Plenty of votes there. I hope Leon wins. If he does, I don’t think anyone will remember him by this time next year, but at least we’ll have forgotten about the other two as well. Small mercies.


O Holy Night
You Raise Me Up (duet with Katherine Jenkins)

Certainly a more inspiring set of songs than those of Leon. But it’s Rhydian singing them. I really really hope he doesn’t win. I don’t want to see his smarmy little face again or hear his distinctly average pseudo-classical voice. But I think he will win. Aaaaargh…


All I Want for Christmas is You
Any Dream Will Do (duet with Jason Donovan)
Breaking Free

Well, they’ve drawn the short straw with the duet. Leon gets Kylie, but SD get Jason? But Breaking Free is another masterstroke – it’s from High School Musical and will earn them the primary school vote and the uncool teenagers vote – probably that’s a lot of votes.


I'm off to watch now. I'll blog again after the perfomances and say what I think.

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