Saturday, December 15, 2007

The X Factor Final 2007 - Part 2

OK, all three finalists have sung their hearts out, and here’s how I see it, round by round. I’ll try to put aside my prejudices and be as objective as I can:

1. The Christmas Songs

It pains me to say it, but I have to hand this round to Rhydian. O Holy Night turned out to be an inspired choice. It suited his voice down to the ground. He had a backing choir and a bunch of children on stage too – always a winner on the X Factor.

Second would be Leon – he did a pretty good White Christmas.

Same Difference were energetic but shrill.

2. The Duets

A complete surprise. Same Difference and Jason Donovan were cheesy, but extraordinarily effective. The kids on backing vocals will pile on the votes. I’d give them this round.

I suspect that most people would give it to Leon and Kylie. I would too if it was Kylie I was voting for. I don’t really like Kylie much, but she has star quality and she showed it. Without her, Leon would have been struggling.

If you wanted proof of why classical vocalists singing pop songs is nearly always a terrible idea, you don’t need to look any further than Rhydian and Katherine Jenkins demolishing You Raise Me Up. It was awful. And it reminded me of how important it is that Rhydian doesn’t win tonight.

3. Performers’ Choice

A tough one to call. The judges loved Rhydian’s Somewhere. I didn’t care for it, but I guess it will get a lot of votes.

Leon’s You Don’t Know Me was good. His diction is excellent, every word as clear as a bell. I don’t think it is a vote-grabber though.

Same Difference did a great job with the High School Musical song. They jumped off desks and did a kind of scissors-kick in unison on the way down, which was a great piece of television. They had trendy child-dancers. I think they shaded this round, given that their fan base will vote from their mobiles in huge numbers.


My predictions: I think Leon will take third place.

Picking a winner is hard. On tonight’s performances, I think Same Difference were best, even though what they do means nothing to me. But the judges were angling for Rhydian and I reckon their opinions have a big influence on the voting. So I’m going to stick to Rhydian to win, even if it means I will have to:

a) buy ear-muffs for the next few weeks at least, as his single will be playing everywhere

b) buy his album for Andy Jackson, as I foolishly promised I would after a previous post – if he wins.

The results show begins in about ten minutes. Please don’t win, Rhydian.

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