Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thoughts on Recent Collections

Andrew Shields has been reading some of the books nominated for this year’s TS Eliot Prize and he’s done a great job of presenting Matthew Sweeney’s Black Moon and Sarah Maguire’s The Pomegranates of Kandahar so far. Well worth taking a look at.


Andrew Shields said...

Glad you enjoyed my comments, Rob. I did not actually begin reading either of those because of the prize. I read them because I got them from PBS in the first place. Since so many of the TSE books were PBS choices or recs, I have them on my recently acquired shelf and then end up reading them.

Rob said...

Do you have the Alan Gillis collection on the TSE list - Hawks and Doves? I've only read a couple of poems from it, but they were really strong. I'm looking forward to reading more. I've two huge books (about 300 pages each) to review by the end of the first week of January (by John Ashbery and CD Wright - not easy reading), so I've no time to read anything else at the moment.

I hope Edwin Morgan wins the TS Eliot Prize.

Andrew Shields said...

I have the Gillis (from PBS) and will take a look at it. Thanks for the tip.