Friday, December 14, 2007

Poems in This Week's TLS

If any of you pick up a copy of this week’s Times Literary Supplement (dated 14 December), you’ll find poems by three excellent writers - AB Jackson, Carrie Etter, and Robert Crawford, in amongst all the other stuff.

I’ll have to hunt down an issue myself. Apparently there is a misprint in Carrie’s poem, and they’ve printed the wrong version of Andy’s. However, I’ve read Andy’s poem, The Visitor, and it’s really good even without his final tweaks. Worth getting a copy of the TLS for.


Ben Wilkinson said...

I got my copy through the post today, Rob, and I think Carrie Etter's 'Fear of Lightening' is excellent, particularly the final verse. I've enjoyed her other poems that have cropped up previous issues, too. As for poem misprints, and they do seem to affect the TLS a tad too often it seems: mine back in Feb had a few minor errors, though nothing huge, whilst Carol Rumens's 'A Philosophy of Absence' had its title unfortunately misspelt within the main body of the poem! Heigh ho.

Carrie Etter said...

Thank you, Rob and Ben, for your kind remarks--it's so heartening when one is alone in a cold little flat to learn one's work is being read and appreciated. That means so much to me.

The error in the poem is a missing semi-colon, which should appear after "knee." And "Fear of Lightening" should be "Fear of Lightning"--correct on the poem, but not on the contents page. So it goes.

Rob said...

Ben, Carrie - Sounds good. I still haven't found a copy, but will try on Monday (Edinburgh city centre is a no-go area this weekend. People are going crazy). Hope your flat warms up, Carrie.