Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Links and Categories

I’ve tried to organise my links in a systematic way, according to theme. They are also in aphabetical order within each theme. Of course, the categories overlap, and some blogs fit within a certain category one week and then fit better in a different category the week after, but it should make navigation a little easier.

If you’d prefer to see your blog in a different category, please let me know. Even worse, if my link to your blog has disappeared altogether, let me know too, as that will almost certainly be a mistake.

I’ve added fellow HappenStance poet, Andrew Philip to the “On Poetry” section, and you can also read some of the poems he wrote to accompany paintings at David Martin’s site.


Messalina said...

Hi Rob,

Just followed the links to David Martin's blog - thanks for this - really enjoyed it and have added it to my list of links. Fabulous art.

Rob Mackenzie said...

Yes, I like it too. That's the great thing about the Internet - things that might otherwise remain quite local find a worldwide audience.

Colin Will said...

Greetings Rob. If you'd like to add links to the StAnza Poetry Festival ( and Poetry Scotland ( that would be just grand.
Colin Will (webmaster for both)