Thursday, March 09, 2006


I’m off to London for a couple of days, so this seems like a good point to unleash the archive for anyone who cares to read it. I don’t publish much stuff on e-zines, but I do have a few poems out there.

Seeing as Stride magazine now has direct links to each group of poems published (a direct link used to be impossible), you can read four poems of mine from the middle of 2003, and four poems from January 2005.


Lo said...

So, Rob, are you going to tell us WHY you've been in London?

Paula said...

Good ones. Best liked the 2005.

Check mail when back.

Scavella said...

The answer may be found here.

Congratulations, Rob! Happy spending!

shadygrove said...



Rob Mackenzie said...

Hi folks - thanks for the comments on the Stride poems, and on the good wishes for the National Competition result.

I am delighted, of course.