Thursday, March 16, 2006


I am going to have to do something about my links. That long, un-signposted trail of green on the right gets longer every week and needs a touch of order. But I can’t think of any principle with which to order them. A thematic principle would be difficult to maintain as so many blogs contain a hotchpotch of subjects, but an alphabetic list seems as pointless as a random one. I’ve a feeling theme is going to win out, so I hope no one gets mad at me if I slot them into an ill-fitting one.

I’ve just added Ros Barber’s Shallowlands blog, which is well worth checking out, as is her website. And if you’re feeling at a low ebb, her post on fighting the writer's demons might be just what you need. Take a look.


Ros Barber said...

Thanks Rob!

Professor Humperdink III said...

A way to deal with lengthening links is to put them all on the PreFound search engine and then just have one link from your site to PreFound, for example, I put your site on PreFound, (under 'Scottish Poets') and have a link to it from my site.

Best Regards

Rob Mackenzie said...

Interesting. I'll investigate PreFound. I'd never heard of it.