Thursday, March 16, 2006

Short Poems

I noticed that Snakeskin e-zine are having a “short poems” issue next month. Poems must be 8 lines or less.

So for all those epigrams, julains, and quick-but-deadly imagist miniatures, you might think of sending to Snakeskin, which is a pretty good zine.

They are making decisions on what to include during the last week of March, so poems will need to be in before then.


Julie Carter said...

I like short. Perhaps this will inspire me to submit something.

Rob Mackenzie said...

I think Snakeskin would be right up your street, Julie - and not just this month.

Julie Carter said...

Hey, Rob.

I did it. You inspired me. Got a kind word back from the editor, too, so yay. Thanks.

I have a major mental block against submitting. Maybe this will break that down.

Rob Mackenzie said...

Let's hope for a positive response.

I go through phases of submitting lots of poems and phases when I don't submit anything. When I do submit, I'm certainly well-used to rejection slips.