Monday, March 13, 2006


This is where you can find all the winning and commended poems in the National Poetry Competition.

It’s a varied selection, covering a wide spectrum of poetic styles, which is, I guess, what they were aiming at.


Mark said...

I do apologise for the curt comment, but I enjoyed your poem, especially its rhythm, and wondered whether it had any rigid metre.
Please excuse my impertinence, and well done in the contest.

Rob Mackenzie said...

Mark - thanks. I don't detect any impertinence!

The poem is written in Sapphic stanzas. Greek verse plays by different rules for determining stress, but in English, Sapphic metre has three lines of trochee/ trochee/ dactyl/ trochee/ trochee, and then a fourth line that goes dactyl/ trochee. It's not a common system in English verse.

Some poets are more rigid in keeping to the strict metre than others. In this poem, I was strict with myself.

Thanks again.

David said...

Congratulations for the commendations. Good work.

Rob Mackenzie said...

Thanks David.

Messalina said...

Many congratulations Rob - great to see such a hard working guy doing well :o)

Rob Mackenzie said...

More lucky than hard-working, but thanks!