Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sudoku Poem

(image from www.dashofmilk.co.uk)

Some of you might recall a Petrarchan sonnet I wrote called Girl Playing Sudoku on the Seven-Fifteen. It’s now the sample poem for the third issue of Fourteen Magazine and can be read at the link.

The paper-version doesn’t have the double-spacing and the poem is supposed to be split into two stanzas of 8 and 6 lines, but you’ll get the general idea. If some readers have only read the work-in-progress version, I hope you see the finished poem as an improvement.

Fourteen is a great little magazine. It comes out twice a year. It only publishes poems of 14 lines and contains exactly 14 poems per issue, along with some commissioned sketches to illustrate the poems.


Larry said...

Great, Rob! Soon you will not have time for us. You will return to PFFA once a year as a guest poet to answer some online questions, like how many drafts do you take a poem through. Then you will scoot off to your USA lecture circuit.



Rob Mackenzie said...

Thanks, Larry

No one has ever asked me to be on any circuit, not even here in Scotland, so I doubt the USA will be interested. I'm open to offers though (cue smiley).

To be honest, I think the Sudoku poem illustrates how a good workshop can help a writer to strengthen a poem, and shows the value such feedback can have.
I posted it in a fairly advanced stage, but was able to identify the poem's weaknesses and sort them out, based on the accurate observations of fellow-poets.

Free Sudoku puzzles said...

I love Sudoku !

vanina said...

...oh. that is one of my best friends, jana, doing my sudoku (grrr). lol. that's quite funny... :) thanks for linking back anyway!

Rob Mackenzie said...

Grazie, Jana!