Monday, March 27, 2006


Andrew Philip was asking what NaPoWriMo was and where I heard about it.

The "sticky" post at the link page should explain everything. The idea is to write a new (draft) poem each day during April. You have to register with Poetry-Free-For-All to take part there. After that, it’s fun all the way. Except for the times when it feels like hell on earth.

I did it last year and felt it was really worthwhile. You can be an experienced poet or a rank beginner, but the difficulty of completing the challenge with one's sanity in place is the same either way.


Harry said...

Just a quick namecheck to Reen at st*rnosed mole who, as far as I know, came up with the idea originally.

Paula said...

30 poems in a month? Quite challenging. Hmmmmm, thinking

SallyE said...

Hi Rob,
on this subject of poem a day, you can have a poem a day page on (I have one) and you dont have to write a poem a day unless you want. As you say, it drives you insane, and there are other jobs to do. I just put most of the poems I write on it, it's as good a place as any to keep them. One can only have so many homes on the net, but Bewrite is one of mine...oh and I linked to Surroundings from my This Week page on desktopsallye, & thanks for your link.

Andrew Philip said...

Ah, it all becomes clear. "April", as the great man said, "is the cruellest month."


Rob Mackenzie said...

Harry - thanks. I didn't realise someone invented this, although I suppose someone had to.

Paula - 30 drafts. But even that is challenging. I bet you could do it though.

Sally - Bewrite sounds interesting. I'll look into it. I gave myself a strict time-limit last year of 50 minutes a day to write each poem and managed to write 30 in the month. I'm going to try again. It's fun (in a certain way).
I'm glad you found George Szirtes's blog from my links, by the way. He is always good reading.

Andy - At least now we know what T.S. meant when he said that!